5000% confused at the music video parts of Bollywood Hero like what the fuck is going on


"i’m sad and idk how to feel better"


"i don’t know what to draw"


"i always mess up"





I’m Not a Joke (No Soy Tu Chiste) is a campaign spreading awareness for the LGBTI community through art and design, created by Daniel Arzola (@Arzola_d) in light of the recent violent acts against the sexually diverse community in Venezuela and the World. It initially seeks to expand in the online community. If you’d like to share your opinion please do so via twitter using the hashtag #ImNotaJoke. Like my page on Facebook and share the posters to support the cause! 

For every T-Shirt you buy, one dollar will be donated to the campaign

Shop: http://society6.com/Arzolad/tshirts


when it comes to specific poses I try to first draw the most basic shapes and movement lines and then gradually go into more and more details, like so:



if you have difficulties with perspective, try drawing a perspective grid first:


it’s nothing different than tips from other artists, but I hope it helped a little ;u;


*thinks about cutting off all my hair to fit into the androgyny form promoted by white kids*

*remembers how hot i am*

u dnt need short hair to be andro or a boy, u dnt have to be white or have stick straight hair or anything. sick of seeing us being represented exclusively by white thin kids w their side swept hair.

gender is not ur physical appearance. 

Chris kattan is a fucking hottie and I’m marathoning all the movies that I have with him in it which is sadly only 3


Nevermind by Foster the People. Released March 14, 2014 off the album “Supermodel.” Been in rotation in stores since June 2014.


Mr. Beat by Marbert Rocel. Released October 23, 2009 off the album “Catch a Bird.” Been in rotation in stores since June 2014.